Our Family History - McKay, Bushee, King and Mills California, United States of America
genealogy of the king, mills, mckay & bushee families
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California, United States of America



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Edith E  Abt 1885California, United States of America I1559 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
2 Davis, Stanley J  Abt 1908California, United States of America I420 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
3 Hack, Maybelle  Abt 1873California, United States of America I1216 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
4 Hearn, Lila  Abt 1908California, United States of America I431 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
5 Homer, Grace  Abt 1897California, United States of America I253 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
6 Kinkler, Elsie K  Abt 1895California, United States of America I1565 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
7 Kinkler, Norma L  Abt 1905California, United States of America I1723 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
8 Layton, Alvin T  Abt 1907California, United States of America I1560 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
9 Layton, Charles Edward  Abt 1906California, United States of America I1217 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
10 Layton, Lloyd M  Abt 1908California, United States of America I1990 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
11 Layton, Malvin  Abt 1907California, United States of America I1561 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
12 McKay, Mildred I  Nov 1885California, United States of America I76 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
13 Towne, Elsie Marion  Apr 1883California, United States of America I1705 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
14 Towne, Emery Robert  Dec 1887California, United States of America I1707 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
15 Towne, Frank R  Oct 1885California, United States of America I1706 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
16 Vogtmann, John A Junior  27 Jan 1913California, United States of America I1496 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
17 Zag (Zug?), Cecelia Eugenia  Abt 1906California, United States of America I323 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barnam, Mildred  17 Sep 2002California, United States of America I438 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
2 Barter, Annelia Elizabeth  4 Jul 1940California, United States of America I153 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
3 Evans, Ross Bertram  12 Apr 1979California, United States of America I374 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
4 Hiller, Wilbur Lawrence  May 1964California, United States of America I368 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
5 Hoover, Claude Kenneth  18 Feb 1987California, United States of America I392 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
6 Janin, Elizabeth  15 Nov 1998California, United States of America I411 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
7 McKay, Betty Jeane  30 Jul 2008California, United States of America I42 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
8 Pratt, Walter Eldridge  14 Jul 2000California, United States of America I419 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Tatterson / Rogers  15 Aug 1795California, United States of America F553 McKay/Bushee Family Tree