Our Family History - McKay, Bushee, King and Mills Michigan, United States of America
genealogy of the king, mills, mckay & bushee families
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Michigan, United States of America



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pearl B  Abt 1888Michigan, United States of America I1703 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
2 Burlingame, George Adelbert  23 Mar 1897Michigan, United States of America I1558 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
3 Eddy, Earl  Feb 1900Michigan, United States of America I1704 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
4 Eddy, Florence  Nov 1892Michigan, United States of America I515 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
5 Griffin, Cora B  Abt 1884Michigan, United States of America I357 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
6 McKay, Donald Alexander  Jun 1875Michigan, United States of America I294 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
7 McKay, Fannie M  26 Sep 1876Michigan, United States of America I74 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
8 McKay, Hugh Junior  Abt 1872Michigan, United States of America I73 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
9 McKay, Joseph F  Mar 1875Michigan, United States of America I72 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
10 McKay, Neil Junior  29 Jul 1870Michigan, United States of America I67 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
11 McKay, Neil C  Jan 1880Michigan, United States of America I481 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
12 McKay, Robert G  Oct 1880Michigan, United States of America I75 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
13 McKenzie, Christina M  Abt 1874Michigan, United States of America I469 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
14 McKenzie, Neil  Abt 1873Michigan, United States of America I255 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
15 McKenzie, Sarah J  Abt 1879Michigan, United States of America I464 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
16 McNellis, Eben Clinton  Oct 1883Michigan, United States of America I509 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
17 McNellis, John E  Abt 1908Michigan, United States of America I1699 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
18 McNellis, Martha  Oct 1871Michigan, United States of America I511 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
19 Verd, Charles  Abt 1871Michigan, United States of America I1664 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
20 Verd, Edward T  Abt 1869Michigan, United States of America I1663 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
21 Verd, Franklin  Abt 1878Michigan, United States of America I1667 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
22 Verd, Frederick G  May 1883Michigan, United States of America I1668 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
23 Verd, Homer T  Abt 1875Michigan, United States of America I1666 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
24 Verd, William H  Abt 1873Michigan, United States of America I1665 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 McKay, Neil Snr.  1865Michigan, United States of America I444 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
2 McKay, Reverend Hugh Snr  1865Michigan, United States of America I446 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Eddy, George  1885Michigan, United States of America I514 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
2 Verd, Submitta  1867Michigan, United States of America I505 McKay/Bushee Family Tree