Our Family History - McKay, Bushee, King and Mills Connecticut, United States of America
genealogy of the king, mills, mckay & bushee families
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Connecticut, United States of America



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Maria  Abt 1809Connecticut, United States of America I1353 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
2 Mary R  Abt 1880Connecticut, United States of America I684 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
3 Phyllis P  Abt 1904Connecticut, United States of America I937 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
4 Sarah G  May 1842Connecticut, United States of America I548 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
5 Adams, Leonard  Abt 1804Connecticut, United States of America I1352 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
6 Burr, Noadiah James  Abt 1793Connecticut, United States of America I465 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
7 Coyle, Dennis Joseph Jnr  Abt 1890Connecticut, United States of America I145 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
8 Edell, Corra K  Abt 1893Connecticut, United States of America I941 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
9 Edell, Louis M  Abt 1868Connecticut, United States of America I141 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
10 Erickson, Donald W  Abt 1906Connecticut, United States of America I955 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
11 Holt, Kerchival Rogers  Abt 1901Connecticut, United States of America I223 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
12 Jackson, Anna Turnbull  16 Dec 1914Connecticut, United States of America I157 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
13 Jackson, John Henry  11 Feb 1858Connecticut, United States of America I825 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
14 Johnson, Harriet H  May 1873Connecticut, United States of America I935 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
15 Johnson, Helen L  Apr 1867Connecticut, United States of America I549 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
16 Kellogg, Franklyn H  Abt 1875Connecticut, United States of America I952 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
17 Kellogg, Harry G  Abt 1869Connecticut, United States of America I151 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
18 Kellogg, Lillie E  Abt 1873Connecticut, United States of America I203 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
19 Kellogg, Ruth C  Abt 1905Connecticut, United States of America I953 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
20 Turnbull, Alice  Abt 1877Connecticut, United States of America I159 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
21 Williams, Emma  Abt 1855Connecticut, United States of America I273 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
22 Williams, Emma Gertrude  28 Jun 1866Connecticut, United States of America I137 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
23 Williams, Fred Howard  9 Oct 1882Connecticut, United States of America I140 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
24 Williams, Harriet Scrysture  May 1870Connecticut, United States of America I136 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
25 Williams, Helen Maude  31 Aug 1879Connecticut, United States of America I139 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
26 Williams, Lotta Crabtree  Abt 1873Connecticut, United States of America I138 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
27 Williams, Sarah  Abt 1851Connecticut, United States of America I272 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
28 Wilson, Frank Ralph Snr.  Abt 1892Connecticut, United States of America I147 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Jackson / Burr  Abt 1896Connecticut, United States of America F97 McKay/Bushee Family Tree