Our Family History - McKay, Bushee, King and Mills Massachusetts, United States of America
genealogy of the king, mills, mckay & bushee families
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Massachusetts, United States of America



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ella  Mar 1855Massachusetts, United States of America I1251 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
2 Emma  Jan 1859Massachusetts, United States of America I1981 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
3 Josephine  Massachusetts, United States of America I1392 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
4 Lydia  Abt 1820Massachusetts, United States of America I666 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
5 Mary E  Feb 1859Massachusetts, United States of America I1274 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
6 Mary J  Mar 1848Massachusetts, United States of America I1672 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
7 Mary N  Abt 1849Massachusetts, United States of America I1492 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
8 Allen, Abbie J  Jan 1844Massachusetts, United States of America I1283 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
9 Ashcroft, Charles Darling  Abt 1880Massachusetts, United States of America I135 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
10 Babcock, Abbot H  Abt 1849Massachusetts, United States of America I670 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
11 Babcock, Alice A  Abt 1847Massachusetts, United States of America I669 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
12 Babcock, Alvira E  Abt 1854Massachusetts, United States of America I672 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
13 Babcock, Caroline M  Oct 1859Massachusetts, United States of America I674 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
14 Babcock, Cyrus W  Abt 1852Massachusetts, United States of America I671 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
15 Babcock, Daniel  Abt 1782Massachusetts, United States of America I667 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
16 Babcock, Hartford L  Abt 1822Massachusetts, United States of America I665 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
17 Babcock, Lydia B  Abt 1858Massachusetts, United States of America I673 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
18 Babcock, Minda Sweet  Abt 1846Massachusetts, United States of America I110 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
19 Bushee, Florence Fanny  Abt 1876Massachusetts, United States of America I112 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
20 Bushee, Harriet Kaley  12 Nov 1901Massachusetts, United States of America I917 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
21 Bushee, Lucy Ann  Abt 1863Massachusetts, United States of America I404 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
22 Engley, Addie F  1865Massachusetts, United States of America I1284 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
23 Engley, Charles A  1867Massachusetts, United States of America I1285 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
24 Engley, Charles H  Abt 1862Massachusetts, United States of America I1221 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
25 Engley, Eugene D  Abt 1851Massachusetts, United States of America I1219 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
26 Engley, Frances  May 1870Massachusetts, United States of America I1386 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
27 Engley, George M  Abt 1865Massachusetts, United States of America I1222 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
28 Engley, Hollis L  Mar 1888Massachusetts, United States of America I1275 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
29 Engley, Hollis M  Abt 1857Massachusetts, United States of America I1273 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
30 Engley, Juliette  Abt 1820Massachusetts, United States of America I1261 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
31 Engley, Mary  Abt 1792Massachusetts, United States of America I1354 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
32 Engley, Mary  Abt 1855Massachusetts, United States of America I1980 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
33 Engley, Rosa  Feb 1878Massachusetts, United States of America I1252 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
34 Engley, Willard A  Abt 1857Massachusetts, United States of America I1680 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
35 Engley, William G  Sep 1872Massachusetts, United States of America I1389 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
36 Hathaway, Rachael  Massachusetts, United States of America I116 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
37 Holt, Grace Minnie  May 1860Massachusetts, United States of America I227 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
38 Holt, Henry T  Nov 1873Massachusetts, United States of America I224 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
39 Kellogg, Julius A  Abt 1835Massachusetts, United States of America I148 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
40 May, James B  Abt 1818Massachusetts, United States of America I1262 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
41 Sweet, Minda  Abt 1789Massachusetts, United States of America I668 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
42 Turnbull, Agnes C  Abt 1872Massachusetts, United States of America I1494 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
43 Turnbull, Grace E  Abt 1869Massachusetts, United States of America I1493 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
44 Turnbull, James A Jnr  Abt 1877Massachusetts, United States of America I1495 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
45 Waldo, Howard E  Jul 1859Massachusetts, United States of America I1387 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
46 Williams, Abigail  Abt 1821Massachusetts, United States of America I1343 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
47 Wood, Lafeyette Milton  Abt 1837Massachusetts, United States of America I230 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hoar, Mary  5 Jun 1697Massachusetts, United States of America I553 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
2 Tyler, Hannah  Massachusetts, United States of America I375 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
3 Wait, Mary  3 Sep 1687Massachusetts, United States of America I522 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hoar, Mary  Jun 1697Massachusetts, United States of America I553 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 
2 Wait, Mary  Massachusetts, United States of America I522 McKay/Bushee Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Tyler / Horton  20 Mar 1638Massachusetts, United States of America F198 McKay/Bushee Family Tree