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1601 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I136)
1602 William Williams Williams, William (I663)
1603 William Williams Williams, William (I265)
1604 William Williams Williams, William (I265)
1605 William Williams & Amelia Hann Family F152
1606 Willie Nemn Nenn, Wilhelm Arthur (I238)
1607 Willie Nenn Nenn, Wilhelm Arthur (I238)
1608 Willm Ward Ward, William (I264)
1609 Winters Howard Howard, William Winters (I2082)
1610 Witnesses at marriage were James Alexander Walters, eldest brother of Frances Jane & Sarah Jane Deavin, second wife of William Deavin. Walters, Francis Jane Margaret (I1005)
1611 Witnesses of marriage: Adam Dodge & Hannah Sluthlowe Bailey, Rhoda (I394)
1612 Witnesses to the marriage: Frank Brooks and Ethel May Brooks Family F1543
1613 Wm Anow King King, William Anow (I2374)
1614 Wm Edwards Edwards, William (I2223)
1615 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I136)
1616 Wm Hy Bennett Bennett, William Henry (I671)
1617 Wm Jas Paull Paull, William James (I280)
1618 Wm John Anthony Anthony, William John (I2321)
1619 Wm King & Louisa Bower Family F1508
1620 Wm Layton Layton, William Barter (I495)
1621 Wm Morgan Abbott Abbott, William Morgan (I125)
1622 Wm P Greer Greer, William P (I925)
1623 Youngest of nine children. Graves, Samuel (I565)
1624 Youngest of seven children, had eleven children. Graves, John (I555)
1625 Zebulon Seaman was in the Assembly at Albany from 1769 to 1775. The Assembly offered a premium for the best linen that the Assemblymen could produce. They had to raise the flax, the wives to spin, and perhaps weave, the cloth. Zebulon raised the flux, Phoebe spun the thread and they took the premium. A piece of homespun linen was preserved by the family for several generations. Seaman, Zebulon (I1739)
1626 “Funeral is slated for former judge - Roseville, Placebo - Funeral service will be held Wednesday at 2pm in the Lambert Funeral Home for Leonard M Layton, 77, who served as judge of the Roseville Justice Court from 1942 to 1958. He died yesterday in a local rest home. A native of Rocklin, Placer County, he lived here all his life. He was a member of the Roseville Odd Fellows Lodge. He is survived by a son, Leonard of Sacramento, a daughter, Laurene M Woo of Orangevale; a brother, Alfred of Vesta, San Diego County; a sister Elizabeth Burlingame of Washington; four grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Burial will be in the Rocklin Cemetry.” - Sacto Bec 13 Jan 1964 (Roseville District).

Listed as divorced in 1920. 
Layton, Leonard Mortimer Jnr (I499)
1627 “He enlisted at Van Buren Arkansas, 28th day of August and was discharged at Camp Pike the 15th day of March 1919. He served in C.A. 12th regiment Division 8. He has no claim on the government, I can further say, I and my husband were never parted; neither were we ever divorced but lived together from marriage until his death.” Barlow, Louis Surles (I1464)
1628 “It was, I think, while they [Neil & Sarah] were still living in Scotland that my great grandparents “left the church”. The cause for the break was the clergymans sermon on the occasion of their going to church after the loss of a baby - who had not been baptised. Neil arose during the sermon so clearly directed at them, took his wife and walked out. He never went back nor did Sarah until after his death - and the family grew up without church affiliations.” - Elliot Evans

Grandfather McKay [Neil McKay] lost in being swindled in a real estate scam in Canada in 1860’s. Then they went to Michigan where they stayed for 12 years or more. He was in the lumber business there, burned out twice in forest fires of 1861 and 1871. They saved themselves by going to the river and covering the little ones with the mud - all over their eyes. It dried in the heat and kept eyes from being harmed.

Neil was a highlander from Aberdeen and Sarah was a Lowland girl from Sutherland County (they spoke different Scottish accents).

Neil was in the Riyal Scots Grey regiment in Scotland.

In Michigan (Huron County), Neil served as a supervisor, assessor and one term as Justice of the Peace. 
McKay, Neil Snr. (I444)
Roseville, Placer County - Funeral services for Richard Tatterson Layton, 78, of 400 El Dasado Street, will be held at 2pm Sat in the Lambert Funeral Home. Burial will be in Rocklin, Placer County Cemetry.
Layton died yesterday in a local rest home. He was the brother of Judge Leonard M Lawton [mispelt] of the Roseville Judicial District. He was a native of Rocklin and a lifetime resident of this area. He retired in 1945 after 33 years as a machinist for the South Pacific Company. For the five years he operated a miniture railroad in Royal Park [?]. He is survived by his wife, Edith of Roseville, sons Alvin of Sacramento and Malvin of Roseville, daughter Dorothy Lewis of Roseville and Bessie Davis of Vallejo, Solano County, brothers Leonard of Roseville and Alfred of R.W.C., Sm County, sisters Bessie Smith of San Jose and Elizabeth Burlingame of Sumner, Washington, 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.” Roseville News, 14 Nov 1958. 
Layton, Richard Tatterson (I498)
1630 “Ward Bushee Jr., a longtime editor who led the Watsonville Register-Pajaronian to a Pulitzer Prize, died June 5, 2002, from melanoma. He was 79. Mr. Bushee was one of the youngest editors of a daily newspaper in the nation when he took over the reins of The Register-Pajaronian in 1951. His leadership in the investigative reporting of a corrupt local district attorney garnered the newspaper a Pulitzer Prize, making it at the time the smallest-circulation newspaper to ever win the esteemed award.” -- http://www.cnpa.com/Bulletin/June17bulletin/index4.html Bushee, Ward Harkness Jnr. (I104)

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